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Following our 4-day full time ITC ground course, our C-Cat students will immediately sequence into our full time, 3 week C-Cat ground course. Having learnt how to deliver an effective lesson to students during the ITC, you’ll get the chance to put that knowledge into practice. Not only will you revise, and learn even more about the mechanics of powered flight, you will also learn how to teach this to the next generation of budding aviators.

During the course we will teach you the theory of flight in greater detail, we will role model the delivery of an effective briefing, explain to you how to answer difficult questions and how to present complex ideas and concepts in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. We will demonstrate to you how to deliver effective and constructive criticism and critiquing of a student’s performance, so they receive maximum value from each interaction. And once we start to lose our voices, we’ll pass the baton over to you!

You will be expected to plan out your briefings and presentations, and deliver them in a group setting, using the skills you have learnt during the course. You will have to think on your feet, answer any questions thrown your way, experience what it is like to be under pressure and still find a way to deliver quality content. You will listen to and deliver constructive criticism of you and your peer’s briefings.

One of the most effective ways to learn a new idea or concept is? Repetition!!! There are many different briefings to be delivered, however the fundamental principles of how to deliver them remain the same, and you’ll get a lot of practice on this course!!

At the end of the ground component, it’ll be time to develop your teaching skills further in the greatest office of them all, the sky!! No white boards, no drawings, complex equations or formulas. Now it’s time for the practical element of the course. Again, we will role model how to deliver a lesson effectively in the air and then pass control over to you to deliver the lesson back to your instructor. Simple, clear, concise and accurate instructions are required, alongside an even greater level of situational awareness. The minimum requirement for this stage of your training is 25hrs of dual instruction – plenty of time to hone your skills!

Entry requirements

  • A current CPL;
  • A current Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate; and
  • A pre-course interview/logbook assessment with DCFI and CFI.

ground course theory

  • Principals of Flight theory and instruction;
  • PPL/CPL lesson briefing delivery;
  • Theory course presentation; and
  • Effective communication skills, and time management.

Flight test requirements

  • 250 hours total time, including 150 hours as Pilot in Command;
  • 25 hours dual instruction C-Cat training;
  • 1 hour spin recovery training; and
  • Passed an approved Instructional Techniques Course within the past 12 months.

Upcoming ground course intakes

Additional Ratings and Pathways

  • Instructor rating additional privileges Night, Aeros, Spinning, IFR, Multi-Engine
  • B-Category Instructor Rating Senior flight instructor, DCFI, CFI
  • A-Category Instructor Rating Flight Examiner          
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