Instructional Technique Course (ITC)

ITC updated

So you want to be a Flying Instructor?

Well, that sounds like an excellent proposition. You had better be prepared to learn lots, improve skills, laugh plenty and share an amazing journey.

Part of this unique experience will be gaining the skills and knowledge required to allow you to impart intellectual, motor skill and attitudinal information to others.

In other words, you will be learning the Instructional techniques required to allow you to teach flying.

The Civil Aviation Authority of NZ requires all ‘C’ and ‘D’ Cat Instructor Candidates to complete an approved 4 day Instructional Techniques Course (ITC).

Entry requirements

  • A pre-course interview/logbook assessment with DCFI and CFI

ground course Theory

  • Effective learning environment
  • Effective teaching and learning styles
  • Instructional Systems
  • Developing Class-Based Teaching Presentations
  • Lesson preparation and delivery
  • Teaching Motor Skills
  • Continuing Education
  • The Psychology of Instruction and Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Cockpit Management
  • Risk Management


  • In class and other on-site presentations
  • Pre course and in –course workbook completion

Upcoming full-time ground course intakes

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