Experience the thrill of an instructor giving you sole control of the aircraft and feel the excitement of what flying a light aircraft is all about. You’ll be on a ‘high’ for days after.

An Introductory Flight is the ideal way to get started on your path towards gaining a pilot licence. Before you take to the sky, your instructor will give you a briefing covering the basics of handling the aircraft, where you will be flying and what to expect throughout the flight, then it’ll be off into the air!

We have several options available:

Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who loves adventure and excitement, why not give them a trial flight as a gift. North Shore Aero Club gift vouchers make a great gift for friends and family on special occasions, or perhaps to say ‘thank you’ to someone for that extra effort or achievement. Gift vouchers can be issued for a trial flight, flying lesson, training starter pack, or any of our products or services, to any value you choose.

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