Membership Terms and Conditions


If accepted as a member I agree to be bound by the Constitution, By-Laws, Flight Orders and Rules of North Shore Aero Club Inc
which are subject to change from time to time. I acknowledge that these documents can be viewed on the North Shore Aero Club
website ( or that printed copies can be requested directly from the North Shore Aero Club reception. Upon signing this
document, I confirm that I have read and familiarised myself with these documents.

I consent to the collection of my details on this application by North Shore Aero Club for the purposes of membership records,
statistical analysis and research and for it to be retained in the archives of North Shore Aero Club. I acknowledge my right to access
and correct this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. I declare that the information provided on
this form is correct.

I acknowledge North Shore Aero Club retains sole discretion to accept or reject any application for membership and that North Shore
Aero Club also retains absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any membership account.
I understand that to base an aircraft at North Shore Airport, a separate application and approval process must be undertaken with
North Shore Aero Club.

Membership & Fees

All membership fees are due on the first day of every month.

Any member that has not paid the fee for the current term of membership is ineligible to utilise the privileges of their membership.
Membership may subsequently be terminated in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. Notwithstanding this, any member
wanting to discontinue their membership must notify us in writing prior to the next cycle of fees being due. Fees paid in advance are

Completion of this form and payment of fee does not constitute membership acceptance. Applicants for membership will be notified in
writing of temporary acceptance following approval at the next scheduled committee meeting. The approval will become absolute at the
end of a 12 month probationary period commencing from the date of acceptance.


Where a person has provided information to North Shore Aero Club on a confidential basis, North Shore Aero Club will hold that
information in confidence, except as required by law. Although every reasonable effort will be made to protect personal data, North
Shore Aero Club cannot guarantee that its electronic storage systems are 100% secure, and cannot be held responsible for a breach
that is beyond our control.

I understand that images / photos of myself may be used in social media and the public domain, and I consent to their use.

I understand that my name may be used in social media and the public domain, and I consent to its use.

Electronic Mail

I understand North Shore Aero Club uses 3 mailing lists entitled:
 Essential Mail Only Relating to Membership
 General Mail and Information for Members
 Newsletters, Promotional Material and General Information

Irrespective of my electronic mailing list subscription preference on the preceding page, I agree to receive essential electronic mail
pertaining to my membership, such as but not limited to, AGM notifications and correspondence through the ‘Essential Mail Only
Relating to Membership’ list. I am able to unsubscribe to this list but understand that if I do, I will not receive critical information relating
to my membership. I acknowledge that North Shore Aero Club accepts no responsibility for any outcomes as a result of me not having
received vital correspondence through this mechanism.

Personal & Account Information

I understand that I must notify North Shore Aero Club of a change to my address or any other contact details.

I understand that I will be assigned a membership number, and it is my responsibility to take appropriate care of my details.

I understand North Shore Aero Club do not operate credit accounts and I must pay all monies due without delay, and that all
reasonable costs of or incurred by North Shore Aero Club as result of a default by me, including but not limited to administration
charges, debt collection costs and legal costs as between solicitor, agents and client, shall be payable by me.


I agree to comply with North Shore Aero Club’s Safety Management System (SMS). SMS is governed by the New Zealand Civil
Aviation Authority and encompasses aviation and workplace safety as per Civil Aviation Advisory Circular (AC-100) and WorkSafe New
Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA 2015). I acknowledge that wilful negligence or misconduct in relation to SMS
will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution.

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