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In collaboration with MEZAZONE, we have created this pack that will allow you to fly in Robin 2120U and experience a full-sized 737 Flight Simulator.

This Package includes 30 minutes Flyajet experience with MegaZone and 30 minutes  You Fly Trial Flight with NSAC.

Flyajet Simulator is based on a modern 737 Jet Airliner. It is designed specifically as an entry-level training device and our trained staff will guide you on how to fly as part of your experience.

Key Features:

  • Fully enclosed cockpit
  • Full functioning avionics and computers – FMCs, autopilots and auto-throttles
  • 180° external visuals that accurately represent the terrain to photo-realistic quality
  • 24,000 airports to fly in and out of
  • Countless flight tracks and routes can be flown anywhere in the world
  • The ability to fly around famous landmarks from London Bridge to the Sydney Opera House
  • Seats up to three people (as well as the simulator instructor) on the flight deck

You Fly Trial Flight is a unique experience you will remember for life.

Completing a You Fly Trial Flight will divide your life into before and after.

Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift – adrenaline and high endorphin levels are guaranteed throughout the whole flight!

If you have ever wondered about learning how to fly, a You Fly Trial Flight is the ideal way to get started on your path towards gaining a pilot licence and the freedom of flight!

PLEASE NOTE: Aircraft operating weight and height restrictions do apply. If you weigh 90 kg or more, or are 195cm in height or taller, please advise us when purchasing / booking your Trial Flight. We do understand this can be a sensitive subject, and because keeping you safe is our priority we appreciate your understanding.


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