2022 Great Northern Air Race

The Great Northern Air Race runs every January over Auckland Anniversary Weekend for over 25 years.

Typically a fleet of 15 to 30 aircraft set out on a prescribed course, going to places you would not normally go, all while taking some breathtaking photos and visiting some amazing North Island airfields.

The people you meet – The best thing about the GNAR is the awesome people you meet and the hilarious times you have together. And because you get to be in costume the whole weekend you will meet – Pirates, Farmers, Soldiers, Superheroes, Doctors, Judges, Safari groups, ladies of the night, Flintstones, Trekkies, Directors, cabin boys, Gangsters and many, many more.
Every day finishes with a social gathering for dinner where tall tales and laughs are shared by all.Amazing Places – The GNAR takes you places that you might not think to visit yourself. It’s always great to visit airfields/airports you haven’t been to before and meet the folks from the local aero club too.

Applying skills you have learnt and developing new ones too – It’s great to have the opportunity to use all that Navigation Knowledge and skills you acquired during your PPL in a realistic environment, all while knowing there are plenty of experienced pilots and instructors there to help you out.

The GNAR is just pure amazing fun!
There are 3 classes you can enter:
Social – no racing, just flying with the group and joining in on the social aspect
Cruising – Developing a flight plan and flying it as accurately as you can
Racing – Setting a TAS and going for it.
If you are still not confident to make a decision about participation or have any questions about the race drop a message to Stephen Jones at [email protected]To stay updated and get all the news on time make sure you subscribe on our Facebook page 


29 - 31 Jan 2022


All Day


Club Events


North Shore Aero Club
North Shore Aero Club, 300 Postman Road, Dairy Flat 0794, New Zealand


[email protected]
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