Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) | AIPA (July)

The Instrument Rating Course allows pilots to learn the required flight skills and procedural knowledge to operate an aircraft by the Instruments only and within Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) safely.

An Instrument Rating allows the pilot to fly in various weather conditions, some of which would not be possible when limited to flying under Visual Flight Rules only.

Pilots who are looking to pursue an Airline career are required to have an Instrument Rating.

To obtain an Instrument Rating, you need to complete the three IR theory subjects (Air Law, Navigation, Instruments and Navigation Aids). If you hold only a PPL then you will also need to complete both the CPL Meteorology and CPL Human Factors examinations. For a GNSS endorsement as part of an Instrument rating, an appropriate GNSS Theory Course as per AC61-17 Appendix III must also be completed.

This is an extended version of the full-time ground course designed specifically for the Auckland International Pilot Academy (AIPA). This version of this ground course has more learning time spent on each subject in the classroom and allows students to prepare better for the exam.

PRICE $1499

This course will be running from 0830 to 1630 Monday to Friday for 2 weeks – starting on the 1st of July and finishing on the 12th of July. 

  • IR AIR Law1-3 July
  • IR Instruments and Navigation Aids4-9 July
  • IR Navigation 10-12 July

NOTE: Seats on this course are limited and subject to the number of students enrolled for the full-time Diploma course. 

If you have any questions or would like further information please get in touch and we can assist you further.

0800 4 WINGS | [email protected]


01 - 12 Jul 2024


8:30 am - 4:30 pm




North Shore Aero Club
North Shore Aero Club, 300 Postman Road, Dairy Flat 0794, New Zealand
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