Competition Aerobatics Ground Course

Dec 06th All Day
North Shore Aero Club - Postman Road

ATTENTION all Aerobatic Pilots

So you have finished your aerobatics rating, can fly a nice loop, aileron roll, stall turn and barrel roll. You have taking all your friend for a ride and seen them buzz with excitement on experiencing 3D flight.

But now you are looking for the next challenge. You would like to learn some new manoeuvres and you have heard about competition flying, but don’t really know what it is about, and how to get involved.

Well now we have something just for you… The NSAC Competition Aerobatic Course

So what does it involve, well first up there is a one day ground course that will introduce you to the nuances of competition flight.

Topics include

  • Why Aerobatic Competitions
  • Legislation
  • Aircraft Suitability
  • Equipment
  • Pre-flight
  • Competition Structure
  • Competition Rules
  • The Box
  • Flight Programs
  • Flying a sequence
  • How the judges score you
  • Aresti Notations
  • Designing a Sequence
  • Keeping things Safe

The flying syllabus can be completed at your leisure and will include a review of previously learnt manoeuvres with an introduction to flying lines and positioning in the “Box”. You will also learn new manoeuvres such as ½ Cubans, Reverse ½ Cubans, Sharks Tooth, Reverse Sharks tooth, Gold fish, Roll of the top, Avalanche and Hesitation Rolls.

By the time we have finished the flight training our goal is for you to be able to fly the ‘Recreational’ and ‘Sportsman’ Sequence, you will also have the chance to design your own freestyle sequence.

Once all the graduates are at this stage we will have a competition day, just for graduates, to compete flying both the ‘Recreational” Sequence and your freestyle. We even have a new trophy to be awarded.

We have two dates in place for the Ground course, the first starts on Saturday December 6th and the second on January 10th. The ground course will cost $150.

If you’re interested or have any question, feel free to give me a call at the club

Tim Marshall
North Shore Aero Club
09 426 4273

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