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Flight school

Night classes

Classes run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 1830 to 2100

Cycle One:

24th January – 7th February                 Air Law

21st February – 14th March               Aircraft Technical Knowledge

28th March – 13th April                     Navigation and Flight Planning

26th April – 11th May                        Meteorology (Note: 26th is a Wednesday, owing                                                                           to ANZAC Day being on Tuesday 25th)

23rd May – 30th May                         Flight Radio

13th June – 22nd June                            Human Factors

Cycle Two:

4th July – 18th July                           Air Law

1st August – 24th August                     Aircraft Technical Knowledge

5th September – 21st September        Navigation and Flight Planning

3rd October – 19th October               Meteorology

31st October – 7th November            Flight Radio

21st November – 30th November        Human Factors


Full Time Ground Courses:

Classes run on Monday to Friday from 0830 to 1630.

PPL Theory Course: This covers all six exam subjects over two weeks.

16th January – 27th January

1st May – 12th May

10th July – 21st July

13th November – 24th November

CPL Theory Course:

3rd July – 11th August

C-Cat Instructor Course:

13th February – 10th March

11th September – 6th October

IFR Theory Course:

20th March – 31st March

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