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Ratings And Conversions

If you need to do an aircraft type conversion, our instructors can arrange that for you. If you're thinking of purchasing an aircraft, or a share in one, for which you don't hold a type rating, contact us now.

We also offer a wide range of other ratings at the North Shore Aero Club. For example, once a PPL has been completed, an instrument rating might be an option, particularly for those require a license for business purposes (i.e a IFR [instrument flight rules] flight might be possible when weather is not suitable for VFR [visual flight rules] flight). For those planning a career in commercial aviation, an instrument is nearly an essential requirement.

We can provide training for multi engine ratings, night ratings, aerobatic ratings, oceanic ratings, strip and beach ratings, GPS ratings and renewals, instructor ratings and renewals, and both single engine and multi engine instrument ratings.

If you're wanting to do an aircraft type conversion for one of our club aircraft. Our instructors are rated on all aircraft we have on line. Aircraft types include various Cessna models, various Piper models, Robin, Slingsby, and others.

Please contact us for more information.