Our People


The club is staffed by a professional, vibrant team of instructors and office personel. 

North Shore Aero Club is governed by an executive committee.






   John Punshon, General Manager

John is the General Manager of NSAC. He manages the club, airport and flying activities and is the CEO of our Part 141 certificated operations. In his own right, he is also an A-Cat Instructor and Flight Examiner.



Daryl Gillett, Chief Flying instructor  

Daryl is an A-Cat Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner. He has been with the club since 2005 and the CFI since 2008. Currently the chairman of the Flying NZ Instructor Council, Daryl is highly enthusiastic about delivering the highest quality flight training possible to our students and members whilst maintaining a safe and enjoyable learning environment. He is always approachable to discuss any aspects of your flight training here at NSAC.  



Flight Office

 Georgia Mitchell

Georgia has been with the club since 2016, and runs the reception four days a week. She is the editor of the bi-monthly Prop Talk magazine and a budding PPL student. Any contributions to Prop Talk or questions about the PPL can be emailed to her at georgia@nsac.co.nz 


Claudine Allen  

Claudine joined the team in 2017 and runs the reception four days a week.



Full time instructors

Tim Marshall, B-CAT, Deputy CFI, Head of IFR Training

From a passionate aviation background, Tim claims he could land an aircraft before he could walk. Proudly fullfilling the role of primary IFR instructor and NSAC's deputy CFI. Tim is also working towards his A-Cat instructor rating. In his spare time you can catch Tim either flying his Piper Cub, hanging up-side-down in a Pitt Special with a half filled coffee, or in some exotic, far-off destination where he works as a certified PADI dive instructor/examiner. 


Chantel Strooh, B-CAT, Head of C-Cat Training  

Chantel is a B-Cat instructor. She has been instructing with the club since 2015. She's rated to teach aerobatics and Terrain and Weather Awareness.



   David Pauw, B-CAT, Head of CPL Training

David is a B-Cat instructor who's been involved with club since 2007. He has been an instructor at North Shore since 2014. 


  Matthew Stephens, C-CAT

A local boy through and through, Matt has completed his PPL, CPL, C-CAT and MEIR at NSAC.



Dominic Gundry, C-CAT  

Dom has been around the Aero Club for the past 8 years studying for his PPL, CPL and C-Cat Instructor rating all at NSAC. In his spare time he enjoys a bit of guitar and in his words “the more challenging form of aviation”, flying his remote control plane at the local park.




   Simon Jonassen, C-CAT

Before taking on the more permanent, grounding, role as a C-Cat flight instructor, Simon has toured the world as a drummer with the 'Night Gaunts'.  Simon has recently achieved his MEIR here at NSAC.



Matthew Walls, C-CAT  

Born in the Hawkes Bay, raised in Auckland, trained in Manawatu, Matt has been with NSAC since 2016. In his spare time he enjoys bass guitar and saxophone solos.  



  Tim Dunn, C-CAT

Tim joined the ranks in December 2017 as a C-CAT instructor. 



Part time instructors



Dawson Boles, B-CAT  

Dawson is a part time B-CAT instructor. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Dawson has a lot to offer those with an appetite to learn.



  Adam Mcleely, C-CAT

Adam is a C-Cat flight instructor. He is rated accross all the training aircraft we have here at NSAC.



Ming Zhang, C-CAT  

Ming is a C-Cat flight instructor. He is rated across our Robin Fleet as well as in C172's and the Piper Warrior

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