Our primary training fleet is made up of the following models:

• Robin R2120's (More commonly known as Alpha 120's)
• Piper PA28 Warrior's
• Beech BE76 Duchess

Other aircraft for club pilots and specialist training include:

• Robin R2160 (Alpha 160)
• Cessna 172
• Tecnam P2008


robin2120.jpgRobin 2120

Our 4 Robin 2120 aircraft form the basis of our training fleet. They are very popular, modern and easy to fly aircraft with agile handling and benign staling characteristics.

The aircraft are powered by a 118BHP Lycoming engine producing around 700fpm rate of climb and 100kts cruise performance.

beechbe76.jpgBeech BE76 Duchess

The industry benchmark in IFR multi engine training aircraft, nothing beats a Duchess. Equipped with all the best avionics, Garmin 430W GPS, Bendix King Nav, Com, ILS & ADF equipment and the stunning S-Tec 65 autopilot, this is the best Duchess in New Zealand.

The aircraft is powered by 2 x 180BHP Lycoming engines producing 1250fpm rate of climb and 157kts cruise performance.

piperpa28.jpgPiper PA28 Warrior

First certified in 1960, and still in production today, the Warrior has stood the test of time and proven itself as one of the best training aircraft ever. The Warrior is an ideal aircraft for commercial pilot training, taking friends and family for a fly and away trips. Our aircraft are also fully IFR equipped making them a very versatile part of the fleet.

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